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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Minibus With Driver?

While most weigh on the cost-effectiveness of travel, the final cost of minibus hire with a driver is dependent on several factors. From the size of vehicle hire, and miles travelled, to peak season and booking timing, we look at several factors to provide you a quote tailored to your travel requirements. 

Based on all these factors, we have created tables to let you know the cost of hiring a minibus for one-way journey, same-day return and even multi-day hire. This way, you can get an idea of how much it is going to cost you. 

What Is Covered In The Average Cost To Hire A Minibus?

The final price of a minibus hire is inclusive of the toll tax, driver fee, vehicle maintenance, fuel costs, and all the amenities utilised in the trip. The inclusive price relieves travellers of the worries of any unexpected costs. 

Since the final price is dependent on your travel needs, it is recommended to focus on proactive travel planning to avoid any last-minute trip changes. Our cost calculator incorporates all of the mentioned expenses, underlying factors and unexpected changes to deliver an error-free quote. 

Here are some of our most hired services with their prices to help you make an informed decision for your travel plans. 

Minibus Hire Price UK

Minibus Hire Price One Way Journey

One way minibus hire means travelling to a single destination without a return booking. These are mostly famous among airport transfers, single destination tours, long-distance travel and more. 

Minibus Size50 Miles100 Miles 150 Miles200 Miles300 Miles400 Miles
8 Seater







16 Seater







19 Seater







24 Seater







33 Seater








We completely replace the itsy bitsy hidden costs with upfront transparent quotes, allowing you to be mindful of your spending. Starting from £180, our one way minibus tours support your most luxurious and safe travels money can buy. However, one way hire is subject to a price increase depending on the time of the hire, vehicle size, destination distance and more. Check out the details about 16 seater minibus hire price.


Same Day Return Hire

We also cater to journeys with same day returns across all destinations around the United Kingdom. This includes travel from point A to point B with the same day return from B to A. With our extensive fleet and tailored services, you can receive a transparent and flexible quote for your required journey. 

Minibus Size50 Miles100 Miles 150 Miles200 Miles300 Miles400 Miles
8 Seater£290£420£520£610£700£840
16 Seater£320£490£590£700£940£1,130
19 Seater£560£660£750£1,000£1,350£1,620
24 Seater£580£700£770£1,050£1,400£1,680
33 Seater£710£820£950£1,250£1,600£1,920

All you need to do is to pop in all the details in the form and we will send you a personalised quote. 

Note: The cost to hire a minibus and driver for same day return will be higher than the one way hire. Plus, prices in the table below are subject to change with major influencing factors of unique route, distance, operating hours and minibus size. Check out the cost of one day minibus hire here.  


Different Day Return

Our services are an ideal solution for travellers planning to travel to a destination and then return on a different day. Thanks to the seamless quotation feature, we put a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction by giving them complete control over the pricing. 

Minibus Size50 Miles100 Miles 150 Miles200 Miles300 Miles400 Miles
8 Seater£315£380£570£745£1,000£1,250
16 Seater£350£420£600£760£1,200£1,500
19 Seater£690£790£970£1,300£1,750£2,180
24 Seater£700£850£990£1,370£1,850£2,300
33 Seater£800£950£1,200£1,600£2,200£3,200


As the market volatility soars to new records, minibus prices are prone to change every day. With prices as low as £290, we take pride in offering upfront prices while promising a bespoke travel experience. If you have got a 12 seater, check out the 12 seater minibus hire price here.


Check out the Other Minibus Prices

Here is are the prices of other minibuses in our fleet. 



Factors That Influence The Final Price Of Minibus Hire

The final price of the minibus is calculated based on various factors. We are taking a prominent step to make the quotes highly flexible and transparent so the hirers know what they are paying for. 

  1. Vehicle Size & Brands

We offer several sizes of MPV, minibus and coaches of different brands to support your travel amenities. From 8 seater MPV to 16 seater minibus and large 70 seater coaches, our vehicles cater to all sizes of group travels. The vehicle size and brand are the direct factors for the final price since it is centred around comfortable travel for your group members. 

  1. Time of Minibus Hire

Hiring a minibus around specific days or a last-minute hire also contributes to the final price. There is not a major difference in prices for small vehicles and will be dependent on the rest of the factors. Plus, booking a vehicle within a week or 2-3 days also has a small price hike. 

The notable price increase is associated with a large 70 seater coach and last-minute hires for urgent travel needs. Since the demand for minibus hire increases on weekends, it can lead to a minor price hike. 

  1. Peak Season

Prices are prone to increase during the peak season around the UK. There is a higher demand for Minibuses from May 1 to August 15. Conversely, coach availability and rates increase up to 20% from May 1 to August 30. 

  1. Festivals & Events

Our minibus hire cost may increase for crowded festivals and events. This is because most festivals do not feature closely accessible parking and drivers are forced to park vehicles away from the hirers’ destination. 

For instance, prices can add up to 50% for Cheltenham Festival hires if the travellers demand near-destination parking. 

  1. Multiple Days Or Contract Hire

Multiple days or Contract minibus hires are curated packages with higher price quotes. Our support team closely listens to your travel requirements to provide you with the most reasonable quote for your contract pickups and dropoffs. 

Especially, our support team can help you with customised multiple day minibus hires so you do not have to pay extra costs for unused services. 

Minibus Hire Price Calculator

We have also made a minibus hire price calculator to instantly know how much it will cost to book a minibus in the UK. All you have to do is, enter your travel details and it will provide you with a personalised Quote tailored to your unique travel needs. 

With the ever-rising inflation and seismic shifts in consumer spending, the transportation sector is also experiencing notable changes. We believe in cost-friendly travel solutions with ZERO NASTY HIDDEN FEES to meet your travel needs.

While the tables can help you get an overview of the average price of minibus hire with drivers, we recommend using the Quotation form to get a Quote tailored to your needs. 

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