Our Fleet of MPVs, Minibuses and Coaches

Check out our extensive fleet of 4 seater cars, 5 to 8 seater MPVs, 9 to 24 seater minibuses and 29 to 70 seater coaches.

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Our Extensive Fleet

From cars to MPV and minibuses to coaches, our extensive fleet has everything to meet your travel needs. No matter where you are going or how many passengers are with you, just let us know about your needs and will provide you with the best vehicles according to your group size. 

Check out our extensive fleet and choose the one that best fits your needs. 

Minibuses From Top Brands

Check out our range of minibuses from top brands tailored to meet your group travel needs. With a variety of specialised variants available, we offer versatile solutions for any occasion.

Our Fleet

4 Seater Car Hire UK

4 Seater Car

Elegance in compact form, perfect for intimate journeys.

6 Seater Car Hire UK
6 Seater MPV

Comfort meets space for a group travel experience.

7 Seater Minibus Hire UK
7 Seater MPV

Seating for everyone, designed for unforgettable group outings

8 Seater Minibus Hire UK
8 Seater MPV

Spacious luxury, the perfect choice for larger groups

9 Seater Minibus Hire UK
9 Seater Minibus

Best to travel with your friends & family

10 Seater Minibus Hire UK
10 Seater Minibus

Best for Family & Friends Trips Across The UK

11 Seater Minibus Hire UK
11 Seater Minibus

Best suited for Long travels for Families and Friends

12 Seater Minibus Hire UK
12 Seater Minibus

Best suited for city to city travel

13 Seater Minibus Hire UK
13 Seater Minibus

Perfect For Family Trips and Outings

14 Seater Minibus Hire UK
14 Seater Minibus

Best suited for Families, Spacious and comfortable.

16 Seater Minibus Hire UK
16 Seater Minibus

Maximum passenger capacity. Best for large groups

20 Seater Minibus Hire UK
20 Seater Minibus

Extra Spacious for Families and Groups with Luggage

24 Seater Minibus Hire UK
24 Seater Minibus

Best Suited for Larger Groups looking for maximum passenger capacity & Luggage space

29/30 Seater Coach Hire UK
30 Seater Coach

Best for small groups like family outings, etc

49/50 Seater Coach Hire UK
50 Seater Coach

Ample space for medium-sized groups.

70 Seater Coach Hire UK
70 Seater Coach

Best to cater larger groups for grand events

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