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The Ford Tourneo Minibus combines all the great features of a Ford people carrier but with a lot more space. Get in touch with us and book your 9 seater Ford Tourneo now.

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Ford Tourneo 9 Seater Hire with Driver

The car looks great with its metallic paint and alloy wheels. And guess what? It even comes with cool extras like air conditioning, a heated front screen, and heated seats! It also has an alarm and remote central locking as standard.

Hiring the Tourneo is super affordable, costing just minimal. And get this, you can fit up to nine people in one vehicle, so the cost per person is crazy low! Plus, with its diesel engine, the Tourneo is fuel-efficient, giving you more bang for your buck in terms of mileage.

If your group is larger than 8 members, check out our Ford Tourneo minibus service and choose the car with seating capacity according to your group size. 

Ford Turneo 9 Seater minibus is perfect for group trips! Whether you're transporting sports teams (maybe not big enough for a football or rugby squad) or going on a stag or hen-do in the City (or airport!), this reliable vehicle checks all the boxes. It's spacious, economical, and a joy to drive. And of course, it comes with a standard CD player to keep the troops in high spirits!

Best Features and Luxury Minibus

Our Ford Tourneo Minibus combines the best features of a Ford people carrier with even more generous capacity, accommodating up to nine passengers for convenient group travel. 

With ample space for luggage at the back, it remains highly practical even when carrying up to eight passengers. Despite its size, the Tourneo offers an effortless driving experience akin to driving a car, thanks to features like ABS and power-assisted steering.

It has an alarm and remote central locking as standard. So not only does the Tourneo provide a comfortable ride, but it also offers added security and convenience.

Hiring the Tourneo is incredibly affordable, with minimal costs for such a spacious vehicle. And with seating for up to nine people, the cost per person becomes even more budget-friendly. Additionally, its fuel-efficient diesel engine makes it an economical choice regarding mileage. So not only is it a practical option for group trips, but it also offers great value for money.

Group Travel Made Easy

Whether you need a ride for your sports team (maybe not big enough for a football or rugby squad) or you're planning a stag or hen-do in the city or to the airport, the Tourneo Minibus has got you covered. It's got a roomy interior, great fuel efficiency, and a fun driving experience, making it perfect for group travel. Plus, it even comes with a standard CD player to keep everyone entertained during the journey. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride in the Ford Tourneo Minibus.

It can comfortably accommodate up to nine people, making it perfect for group travel. Plus, there's plenty of room in the back for luggage and equipment. Even though it's a big vehicle, driving the Tourneo feels just like driving a car, thanks to ABS and power-assisted steering.


Important FAQs


  1. How many people can the Ford Tourneo Minibus accommodate?

The Tourneo minibus can comfortably seat up to nine passengers.

  1. Is the car fuel-efficient?

Yes, the Tourneo features a diesel engine that provides great mileage and is cost-effective in terms of fuel consumption.

  1. What safety features does the Tourneo have?

The minibus comes with ABS and power-assisted steering as standard, along with an alarm and remote central locking for added security.

  1. Is the Ford Tourneo available for hire at airports?

Yes, the Tourneo can be hired for transportation to and from airports, making it a convenient option for group travel.

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